Filling the Body with Light

Generally speaking everyone has places in their body where they are strong, other places that are more vulnerable, places where one tends to hold tension, and places where one is freer and more relaxed. Consequently the capacity for the body to absorb and sustain its vital life energy is not necessarily consistent throughout the body. Sometimes the upper body may be lighter and resonate with a more refined vibration, or the lower part of the body may be stronger. As well, often the energy is weaker or more vulnerable in the back of the body and stronger in the front.

The process for filling the body with light is straightforward: tune your energy to a vibration of unconditional acceptance, honoring the other person exactly the way they are. Approach the body with your hands flat and you fingers together but relaxed. Use a firm but gentle touch as if you are hugging the body with your hands. There are no specific hand positions that you need to focus on. Just listen within: the innate intelligence will guide you and the energy will flow where it is needed in the body.

Where there is tension the body will feel heavier, and may need extra time to relax. This is especially true where there has been emotional trauma, injury or other stresses on the nervous system. This aspect of Bone Medicine helps raise the overall vibration in the body.

Sometimes the body needs to go through stages or layers of preparation to let go; it is important to honor this process. In the practice of Bone Medicine we are never trying to force something upon the body or make the body do something. The best approach as a practitioner is to just continue filling the body with light and trust. Often when we relax and allow the process the body will open and respond and you will be able to focus on other aspects of the hands-on care.

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