Deep Bone Meditation

The Deep Bone Meditation used in Bone Medicine is based on a technique commonly known as Guided Imagery. This approach is used by many natural or alternative medicine practitioners (as well as some physicians and psychologists) to aid clients and patients through the use of mental imagery. Such guidance helps with a wide variety of concerns such as healing from physical illness, emotional healing, psychological issues, problem solving, and reducing stress. Guided Imagery is sometimes considered a form of hypnotherapy. (Wikipedia 2009).

Simple imagery suggestions are given to a client by a trained practitioner typically in a one-on-one setting, or in group sessions. The image suggestions often involve effective breathing and relaxing techniques at the start of the session, and then progress to the specific focus for the individual or group.

Deep Bone Meditation is a guided process lead by an instructor who introduces you to your bones from the inside out, guiding you on an adventure through your skeleton, one bone at a time. The intent of the process is to connect you with your skeleton so you can receive the wisdom that the bones are ready and willing to share.

We all have a skeleton: the skeleton is the very base, the foundation, the sacred architecture of your body. The breath of life moves through your bones. Yes, your bones breathe. Sound moves through your bones. Light moves through your bones. Throughout the process, allow yourself to come into contact with your skeleton, from inside your body. You can lead yourself though a Bone Meditation on your own; the sample meditation selections below can be a useful guide to help you get started.

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