Sample Selections of the Deep Bone Meditation

Lie down and focus on your skeleton. As much as you are able, bring your awareness right into the center of your bones, not so much the outline or outer edges of the bones, but instead, go directly into the middle of the bones. Open yourself to receive the marvelous stories that your bones want to share.

Throughout the process allow yourself to continually yield into deep relaxation, letting go, letting light, becoming deeply relaxed….loving your body exactly the way that it is. There is no need to change anything or fix anything, nothing to do but relax…letting go… allowing light…deeply relaxed.

Let your body breathe itself, allow breath in every cell, allow your skin to breathe, let your bones breathe, deeply relaxed. Bring your awareness right to the center of your bones, allow yourself to be in your bones.

I am a skeleton, I am a skeleton, I am a skeleton. Allow anything that’s held within your body to melt, to flow, to let go, deeply relaxed. Allow your body to adjust, calling forward the natural alignment, activating the body’s innate intelligence, deeply relaxed.

Bring your focus into your feet, into the bones that make up your toes, the phalanges, bring your awareness into your toes and simply let go, letting go, allowing light, and communing with your skeleton, deeply relaxed, good. Now bring your awareness into the bones in the top of your feet, the metatarsal bones, bring your full awareness into the top of your feet, right into the center of the metatarsal bones and simply let go, good, allowing deep, deep relaxation.

Gently bring your focus into the bones that make up your ankle and see the beautiful star burst of light, right there in your ankle, express your gratitude to your bones, to your support system, allowing deep relaxation, good, letting go of your body, trusting in light, deeply relaxed…

Now bring your focus to the bone that connects the fibula and the tibia, the bone in your thigh, the femur bone, strong bones that are part of your support system. Simply allow anything that’s held within the bone to gently, and easily, spill out of the body, like a gentle stream, deeply relaxed. Follow the femur bone up to where it attaches to the pelvis. Follow the femur into the hip joint; see how those bones glisten, how smooth as it joins into the socket, into the pelvis. Look for the beautiful starburst of light right there in the hip joint. Now ask the body to make any adjustments that are required right there in the hip. Call in the natural alignment, the natural free-flowing nature of the skeleton … good.


There are various stages to Bone Medicine; however, the stages are not necessarily performed in any specific order. Always approach the body gently and with a compassionate heart. When you bring your hands or finger tips somewhere on the body, it might need to tell a story. The body might not need you to connect points of light, or clean bones off or do anything other than to just be the witness. The body is filled with stories, filled with life experience. The most effective approach is to come into partnership, listening for the innate intelligence in the body to reveal itself.

Staying active is great preventative care; it leads to an increase in heart health and keeps the immune system in tip top shape. Through regular movement the body becomes agile, and the vital life energy is constantly renewed. Within a few minutes of the Skeleton Dance, tension is released from the body. Other benefits include an increase in endorphins which boost metabolism and allow for a decrease in stress and an increase in health. Taking a movement break refreshes your energy and revitalizes your ideas.

You can guide yourself through a bone meditation: simply lie down, and with your inner vision, visualize yourself focusing on your skeleton. You can pinpoint specific areas where you may feel the need to let go of tension or where you experience a lack of fluid movement. Alternately you can do a general overall journey through your skeleton, one bone at a time.

In all healing there exists a co-creative relationship with unconditional acceptance and light, which calls forward a natural integration of body, mind, and spirit. Bone Medicine activates the lines of light that ensure our relationship with everything around us, within us, and all that is beyond.


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