Development Of Bone Medicine

This gentle approach to healing is a synthesis of applied learning, experience, teaching and guidance from 35 years of personal and professional practice with relaxation techniques and energy-based healing modalities. My experiences as a Reiki Master introduced me to our innate ability to focus universal life force energy through our hands for hands-on care. Learning Craniosacral Therapy familiarized me with the skeleton and the unique energy of the bones. Studying Meridian Theory helped me to appreciate that there are lines of energy that flow throughout the body. Practicing Kripalu Yoga prompted the recognition of fluid movement in the body and flexibility in the joints. Experiences with these practices provided a fundamental knowledge base for the development of Bone Medicine.

The essence, information, and guidance associated with Bone Medicine were conceived while sleeping under the stars over a 6 week period during the summer of 1993. Experiences with the night sky inspired me, revealing that there is an energy system throughout the human skeleton that makes up a grid of light similar to how individual stars are connected in the constellations. Although you do not see the lines of light connecting each of the stars, the energy is there. Similarly within the human energy system there are starbursts of light throughout the skeleton and lines of light that connect these starbursts of light to one another. The health of the human body is relative to the health of this energy grid.

The essence of Bone Medicine embodies a gentle approach to wellbeing which encourages you to come into partnership with the body’s innate intelligence. Deep relaxation is very strong medicine; it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which activates the blueprint of wellness in all of the systems in every part of the body. The architecture and innate intelligence of the human body is magnificent and, like the stars in the universe, far beyond our capacity to truly comprehend. It is not necessary to be versed in anatomy, biology or physiology, in order to align with the wisdom in the body and assist with the healing process.

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