Hands-On Care

There are several approaches to the hands-on care facet of Bone Medicine. Regardless of what aspect you are focused on, always approach the experience with a gentle touch and a compassionate heart. Although contact with the body and the bones is often through a very light touch, the hands-on practice of Bone Medicine effects change on a deep energetic level within the body.

In some areas of the body using the finger tips to apply pressure can be helpful. The intent is to release tension and holding in the muscles in order to free up the bones. It is as if you are creating space between the bones and the flesh which can encourage the bones to resonate with a more refined frequency of light. The approach is similar to a cat kneading your body with its paws; as if your fingers are doing a dance on the body along the bones with syncopated pressure from the finger tips.

Brisk rubbing is another approach that can be done as a way of increasing circulation in a specific area where the body may be rigid because of extreme muscle tension or holding. Rub your fingertips lightly and briskly in successive motion on the surface of the clothing or cover. Additionally the practitioner can focus on pumping up his or her breath to enhance the flow of energy through the fingertips.

This approach is ideal for the shoulders, and the upper, middle, or low back which are all common areas where people hold a lot of stress. After a few minutes the body will be more relaxed in these areas and you will be able to do the more finely focused work of connecting the points of light or cleaning off the bones.

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