Cleaning Off The Bones

When you come into deep communion with the body it becomes possible to clear life experience out of the body. Through this practice you can clean emotions, feelings, thoughts and trauma that are stored in the bones. This process is about honoring, accepting, and welcoming the body to let go of anything that it is holding onto. It is a very gentle, tender process; there is no pulling or force involved. Sometimes a whole story will unwind out of the body simply by honoring the body and asking the bones to gently release that which is held. This will allow the past to literally fall out of the body.

Take the example of a child who lives in an environment where he or she is often yelled at. Literally nurtured by negativity, the child hears the harsh voice and responds by pulling back. It is an automatic reflex. You have likely seen animals do the same thing, as it is a natural instinct for the body to pull away from an irritant. Pulling away throws the body off its natural balance.

Some people walk around with their shoulders up near their ears, which obviously goes against gravity and is an example of a holding pattern in the body. This holding disturbs the natural alignment in the skeleton. It also affects the muscles, tendons, connective tissue and the organs. When someone experiences physical pain, it is often coming from some kind of holding pattern established in the body or mind.

To clean off the bones the practitioner uses his or her fingertips; this is done by bringing the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers together, then lining the fingertips up along one of the bones. Your fingertips will function like little suction cups as if you are vacuuming off the bones. Take your time; this is a slow gentle process.

Figure 2: Fingertips (Google Images 2011)

This is the appropriate hand position to use when cleaning off the bones. The four fingers are lined up together and the fingertips are placed gently along the bone that you are cleaning off.

At times you may feel prompted to just hold your fingers still and not move them at all. You may find yourself in a dialogue with the bone, or you may be watching images of an experience that is held in the body. There are layers of experience in the body; at times a whole story may release all at once and sometimes the body might release a story one layer at a time. The practitioner is there to be a witness and be present for whatever and however the body is willing to share or reveal itself.

On occasion you might bring your fingers up to a bone and sense a fluid motion that prompts you to move your fingers very smoothly along the bone, as you are cleaning the bone off.

When you clear a layer of life experience off the bones, it is common that this will have a positive effect on the surrounding muscles and tissue. Although the primary focus is on the bones, at times the tissue and the muscles will also automatically release.

Once you have cleaned an area off, you can ask the skeleton to make any adjustments, however subtle. Simply ask the bones to take their proper alignment in accordance with the intelligence of the skeleton. The bones do slide. Sometimes the movement is very noticeable and the whole leg may jump. Other times it is quite subtle and almost imperceptible. At times after a treatment perhaps, later that night, the person you treated may experience their bones shifting into greater alignment. When that which is stored and held in the bones is cleaned off, mobility in the body naturally increases.

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