Connecting the Points of Light

The initial focus is on the joints. The practitioner directs the energy from the finger tips to the edges of the bones and in between the bones. This will activate the inherent light in the joints, and connect the lines of light that flow from joint to joint throughout the limbs.

To give an idea of what is meant by the grid of light in the body, imagine a star-burst of light where the bones come together to form the ankles, knees and hips in the legs.

Then imagine that there are threads or lines of light that connect from one star-burst to the next throughout the limbs. Similarly in the arms there are star-bursts of light where the bones come together to form the shoulders, elbows and wrists, and lines of light that connect from one star-burst of light to another throughout the arms.

To connect the points of light in the body the practitioner uses their fingertips. This is done by creating a tripod with the thumb, index, and middle fingers. It is not necessary to focus on a specific point. Simply bring the tripod up to one of the bones that come together to form the joint; as if you are hugging the bone with your fingertips.

Generally speaking I tend to start with one hand’s tripod on one side of the joint and the other hand’s tripod on the other side of the joint, then palpate the light in the joint. In succession I might focus on the bones that come into the lower part of the joint and the upper part of the joint, and/or on the inside of the joint and the outer side of the joint. Again there is no specific placement, no specific order required.

Figure 1: Tripod Hand Position (Google Images 2011)


This is the appropriate hand position to use when connecting the points of light in the body. Bring the tripod created by the thumb, index and middle fingers where the bones come together between the joints.

I often start the Bone Medicine treatments at the feet, connecting the points of light in the feet, then up the legs and then work my way to the upper part of the body.
The lines of light coming from the upper to the lower body connect in the middle of the body through the pelvis. There are points of light along the sternum and in the rib cage on both the front and the back of the body where the connective tissue joins up with the bones, and along the spine.

There is a communication loop that happens around the treatment experience. It is as if you are taking a picture of what’s going on in the body and the picture is broadcasted to the innate intelligence. Then through guidance, this information loops back providing direction about what is needed in the body and which points to focus on.

Here is an example of what you can do if the person you are treating has arthritis in the wrist. Notice that there will be diminished motion in the wrist and likely the entire arm. Focusing on connecting points of light in the shoulder and the elbow will increase the flow of light through the limb. Later when you focus on the wrist you will have the support of the points of light in the shoulder and the elbow; there is often a domino effect. Increasing the flow of light throughout the entire limb will automatically increase the mobility in the wrist and alleviate discomfort.

There are many options for how to approach the activation of the gird system in the body. You can take a position on the outside of the ankle and connect that to the outside of the knee: you can do the same thing on the outside of the ankle and the inside of the knee. Essentially you can connect points of light on the outside of the joints, the inside of the joints, through the joints, diagonally from inside to outside throughout the limb and across the body from the joints in the left limb to the joints in the right limb. These are all possible combinations and options available. Trusting in the innate intelligence is often your best guide.

You don’t need to connect all these points every time on everyone; remember there is the domino effect that occurs. There is also the two-way communication where you will receive guidance from the innate intelligence for that individual. Each Bone Medicine treatment is custom-made, meaning there is no set pattern that you would always apply.

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