A Gentle Approach to Healing

Bone Medicine is ideal for everyone. It would be of particular interest to any who may be looking for a gentle, innovative approach to relaxation and wellbeing that can also be shared with family members and/or the individuals you care for.

The practice of Bone Medicine uses methods of hands-on-care, movement and meditation. The intention is to ‘wake up’ the body and come into partnership with its inherent intelligence, wisdom, and spirit.

Attitudes about self can have an enormous effect on skeletal structure. When we are free- flowing and expressive, the bones are relaxed; the joints move with ease accompanied by a lightness of being. When we are tense and held, or hold ourselves back, the skeleton becomes constricted. The bones press too closely to one another, creating stiffness in the joints and heaviness in the body.

Bones are record-keepers: our skeleton holds our bodies’ memories of events, feelings, thoughts, images and movement, as well as genetic codes and ancient wisdom. When we practice Bone Medicine we are opening a doorway into this greater knowing which can release our body, mind, and spirit and reveal our natural gifts, abilities and passion for life.

In our most natural state we are deeply relaxed, and in harmony with our divine nature. When part of the self is held in an unnatural way, separation is created within the structure itself. This lack of relationship and communication results in upper/lower splits, left and right imbalances and a lack of awareness between the front and the back of the body.

When the skeleton is free it resonates with a more natural, refined vibration and the bones are able to swing with ease. Through movement it is possible to lubricate the joints and pivot points throughout the body which, in turn, allows the energy body to naturally align with the physical body through points of light in the skeleton.

The base of Bone Medicine’s approach to healing is energy of acceptance. The intent is to allow everything to be exactly the way it is; to honor and accept all conditions within the body, mind, and spirit continuum without judgment. When the body feels this level of unconditional acceptance, it naturally responds by letting go and returning to balance.

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