Second Degree Reiki

The Sacred Practice Revealed Through Healing Symbols

In this two day workshop we will deepen the practice from First Degree Reiki. You will learn and have ample time to practice three healing symbols on yourself and your classmates. We will explore the many and varied practical applications for using the healing symbols in your daily life. There is one initiation in Second Degree Reiki.

“When we enter into the Reiki Practice the body will respond and whatever we wish to attain will be within our reach.” ~ Grand Master Hawayo Takata

Second Degree Symbols

Takata started her Reiki journey in Japan where over a period of months she received Reiki treatments in Dr Hayashi’s clinic. During that time Takata was healed from the physical illnesses she was living with. In the late 70’s Takata brought Reiki to North America; given the remarkable healing she received in Dr Hayashi’s clinic it was natural that she would have a strong focus on doing Reiki treatments and training practitioners.

Traditionally Second Degree Reiki was seen as the practitioner’s level. There was such a strong focus on treating others that some of the great benefit of using the symbols for oneself slowly moved to the background. During the Second Degree Reiki class equal emphasis is placed on using the healing symbols for oneself and for others.

Takata taught that the Reiki symbols are sacred and powerful. She instructed that although the symbols are Universal, there is a certain amount of confidentiality associated with them. It is wise to not show the symbols or the invocations to others that have not completed Second Degree. The symbols are given in trust and each individual is responsible for maintaining their sacredness.

Power Symbol – This symbol is used for an increase of energy. This is the symbol that is most commonly used as it can be used anytime, anywhere, for anything and can increase the energy of the other symbols.

Mental Emotional Healing Symbol – This symbol is use to bring balance and peace to the mental and emotional body. Using the symbol for yourself will help you to understand the coloration between your thoughts and your feelings.

Distant Healing Symbol – This symbol enables you to send healing energy to others at a distance. When the symbol is used for yourself it can assist you in connecting with your higher self.

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