The Divine Lineage of Reiki

In January of 1982 while living in Vancouver I had the opportunity to meet Phyllis Lei Furumoto. During the two days that followed,  I received teaching and initiation from Phyllis into First Degree Reiki. The private Reiki class with Phyllis took place 13 months after the passing of her grandmother Hawayo Takata.

reiki_symbolIn April of that same year before the Reiki Masters gathered in Hawaii for Takata’s memorial service, Phyllis Lei Furumoto initiated Carell Ann Farmer as a Reiki Master. After Takata’s memorial service the Reiki Master’s that were present formed the Reiki Alliance.

In the spring of 1982 I had the privilege of assisting Carell Farmer in her classes as she began her journey as a Reiki Master. In July of 1982 I received private teaching and initiation from Carell Farmer into Second Degree Reiki. In March of 1985 after a 3 year apprentice program I was initiated as a Reiki Master by Carell Farmer.

After my Reiki Master’s Training was complete Carell and I continued to treat and teach together. As I began to mature as a teacher, I branched out on my own. The Divine Lineage of Reiki was subsequently developed through my personal daily practice, honoring my teachers, and what I learned from the individuals who I had the privilege of teaching and treating.

To inquire about Reiki classes or treatments call me directly or send me an e-mail.

“It cannot be said that we who practice Reiki heal but rather that we who honor the practice of Reiki are blessed with healing. Reiki the touch of grace, can be described as blissful and in this way is truly a divine gift.” ~ First Degree Student Marc Lavoie

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