First Degree Reiki

Come Back To Your Senses
with Reiki Master Leah Smith

During this 2 day workshop we will; create a foundation for Reiki as a daily practice of self-care, discover a relationship with healing energy, explore easy to follow precepts for mental discipline, practice hand positions for full body treatments, learn how to treat acute and chronic conditions in yourself and others, and discover how to apply Reiki in first aid situations. There are four initiations in First Degree Reiki.

“Patients are satisfied because this is a drugless non-invasive treatment. Results don’t show as quickly as with drugs, but on the fourth day they begin to see a difference. They begin to feel better and are vitalized. You see, we find the cause and when the caused is removed, then there shall be no effects. No illness, just good health, happiness, with the ability to take care of security and prepare for a long life. That’s Reiki.” ~ Chujiro Hayashi

The Daily Practice Of Reiki

• A relationship with creative life energy.
• Guidelines for healthy living.
• Hands on care, for yourself.

Reiki is an individual practice of “energy focus”. Anyone can learn how to focus this loving energy through their hands in order to bring care to themselves or others. Reiki is gentle yet powerful, subtle yet effective.

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