Reiki: Prevention and Intervention

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Reiki is an individual practice of “energy focus.” Anyone can learn how to focus this loving energy through their hands in order to bring care to themselves or others. Reiki is gentle yet powerful, subtle yet effective.

The simple daily practice of Reiki has three main areas of focus:

  • A relationship with creative life energy.
  • Guidelines for healthy living.
  • Hands on care, for yourself.

Each of us is inherently connected to a creative life energy that is always available. It is possible to learn how to focus in ourselves and allow the flow of this energy through us to bring intervention into all aspects of daily life.

Guidelines for Healthy Living:

  • Just for today, I will let go of worry
  • Just for today, I will let go of anger
  • I honor my parents, teachers, and elders
  • I earn my living honestly
  • I show gratitude to every living thing

These guidelines for healthy living can assist us in being more aware of our thoughts, and in cultivating mental discipline. Mindfulness can help to ease mental obsessions that often contribute to stress, anxiety, and illness.

In the Reiki practice we take time every day to treat ourselves. This form of hands on care is very gentle and soothing. This can be done while laying down peacefully in bed, much like meditation. A little bit of Reiki every day is an effective form of preventative care and can bring relief to any existing condition.

The benefits of this practice can be invaluable for persons dealing with: acute, chronic, or terminal conditions, including post traumatic stress and grief. The reasons for this are many. Reiki can speed up the healing process and release the cause of discomfort in the body, mind, and emotions. As well, relaxation can soothe the immune system, ease a sense of helplessness and encourage a good relationship with self.

The practice of Reiki can accelerate healing and help to bring about a natural state of inner peace and relaxation. The benefits multiply as you continue to practice. Many people report an increased sense of well being and compassion for themselves and others.

Receiving Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience. Deep states of relaxation trigger the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System and awaken the body’s natural ability to heal by restoring balance on all levels.

For some Reiki is physical, for some Reiki is spiritual, and for others it is both. Reiki can restore balance and harmony, increase physical strength and vitality, and enhance clarity of mind and purpose. Reiki enhances a free flowing emotional expression and encourages spiritual growth, wholeness and wellness.

A little bit of Reiki each day, is a simple and effective way to manage daily stress and physical vitality. Problems that are more chronic in nature will require treatment over a longer period of time. Reiki is an excellent form of preventative care, and can also be used as intervention in First Aid situations.

Anyone can learn Reiki. In order to practice Reiki effectively, it is not necessary to understand how the body functions or how the healing occurs. A desire to be well and an openness to allow this creative life energy to flow through you are often your most useful guides.

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