Creating Rapport and Therapeutic Benefit through Movement, Music, and Meditation

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Presented by: Leah Smith, Judaic Program Supervisor, Certified Snoezelen Trainer, Reiki Master Tamir Foundation Ottawa, Ontario Canada Often people with disabilities find it challenging to make meaningful connections to the environment around them and to make sense of what they experience within; this can provoke feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, confusion and isolation. The lack of connection for an individual … Read More

Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki

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Energy-Based Modalities Leah Smith, Certified Snoezelen Trainer, Reiki Master, Craniosacral Practitioner Sensory processing impairments that are present from birth and follow a person through their life cycle can block the individual’s access to their innate abilities and sense of self. For these people the world can be a menagerie of disjointed and chaotic sensations that create relentless stress on the … Read More

Preventing Caregiver Burnout

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Relaxation Techniques for Caregivers Leah Smith, Certified Snoezelen Trainer, Reiki Master, Craniosacral Practitioner While providing and promoting quality of life to others, many caregivers operate on the brink of burnout. A few minutes of self care can go a long way in renewing one’s sense of well being. In this article I will elaborate about the practice of various relaxation … Read More

Closing the Circle

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Capital Xtra Columist: Leah Smith March 16, 2001 This past month I assisted a dear friend and client come to the acceptance of the completion of his life-cycle on the Earth. I helped Leonard do his life review, create a living will, and ultimately have a peaceful passage into Heaven. In the early 90’s, I started offering special Reiki Classes … Read More

Reiki: Prevention and Intervention

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Reiki is an individual practice of “energy focus.” Anyone can learn how to focus this loving energy through their hands in order to bring care to themselves or others. Reiki is gentle yet powerful, subtle yet effective. The simple daily practice of Reiki has three main areas of focus: A relationship with creative life energy. Guidelines for healthy living. Hands … Read More