Serving People with Developmental & Other Disabilities  Since 1982

30 plus years’ experience working with people with developmental and other disabilities in various settings: group homes, sheltered workshops, school, hostels, supported independent living, summer camp, and private homes.

10 years’ providing health & wellness services, snoezelen sessions, case management, coaching sessions, specialized music, movement, and relaxation programs, and grief & bereavement supports.

Specialized in providing services to people with developmental and other complex disabilities including: dual diagnosis, autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing imbalances, acquired brain injury, visual and hearing impairments, acute and chronic physical, emotional and behavioral issues, abuse & addictions recovery, end of life issues, and grief & bereavement supports.

Services Include:

  • Life Skills & Wellness Coaching
  • Personal Development & Growth
  • Self-Advocacy Support
  • Grief & Bereavement Support
  • Snoezelen: Multi-Sensory Environment Sessions
  • Hands-on-Care: Reiki, Bone Medicine, Integrated Energy Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy,
  • Specialized Music, Movement & Meditation Sessions (for individuals or groups)

Sample Strategies & Areas Of Focus:

  • Create ongoing rapport and gain “buy in” about goals
  • Teach innovative custom made approaches to movement that are gentle and enjoyable
  • Introduce Relaxation Techniques to help manage daily stress and anxiety.
  • Provide energy based treatments to address chronic pain and physical ailments.
  • Collaborate to create a routine of healthy practices that can be monitored at home by family or staff
  • Evaluate and revise goals to meet changing needs.
  • Mentor and empower individual to take responsibility for their words, feelings, and actions.
  • Educate and facilitate ongoing development of self-advocacy skills.
  • Implement mentoring strategies and provide guidance and direction.
  • Provide consistent support for improved communication, relationships & life skills.
  • Deliver innovative problem solving approaches to help individual address ongoing acute and chronic physical, emotional and behavioral issues.

To inquire about specific needs or accessing services; call me directly, or send me an email.


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